[mythtv-users] Boxee/Hulu?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Mar 1 18:01:42 UTC 2009

* On Sat Feb 28, 2009 at 09:21:22AM -0600, Brent Norris wrote:
>> If Hulu are giving you something for free don't you think that fact  
>> makes it (morally) even more important to obey the conditions they do  
>> impose?
> No I don't in this case, because their conditions are stupid.  If  
> someone were to give you a car for free, but only if you promise to  
> drive it on gravel roads do you think you would find that dumb?  Would  
> you drive it on whatever roads you wanted to?

To put it into a couple other perspectives....

What if you think that the GPL is stupid?  MythTV is given away for
free with certain stipulations.  You have a license to use it as long as
you agree to those stipulations.  If you think they are stupid, then
you shouldn't be using the product.  Just because you think that the
stipulations or conditions are stupid doesn't mean you can ignore them.
Governments have lots of laws that are stupid, but ignoring them can
get you into hot water.

> There is no difference to Hulu how I watch the show, I am still watching  
> their ad.

There is a loss to them if they can't track you via normal methods on their
web site.  I'm sure part of their tracking allows them to see what
shows/movies/etc. a user browsed before selecting a recording to watch.
Some could argue that it is the same as deep-linking into content which
a lot of sites either don't like or don't allow at all.


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