[mythtv-users] gentoo, latest mythtv - mythfrontend has no text

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Jun 30 22:31:05 UTC 2009

Tom Dexter wrote:
> To me, a lean system means: nothing in the kernel I don't want, no
> services running that I don't want, no library dependencies that I
> don't want or need.  Perhaps that's why I've never had an issue with
> having a lowly 526 MB of ram on both my front and backend, in spite of
> the fact that everyone says that's nowhere near enough.

I was running a miniITX Myth system with 256 MB for a while, first on 
Gentoo, then on OpenSuSE.  (It was the tedium of waiting for gcc to 
crawl along on that 1 GHz VIA processor that eventually caused me to 
abandon Gentoo; I remember compiling X.org was a particular ordeal, 
especially since it took me a few tries to find the right flags.)  I did 
eventually put more RAM in so I could run a bigger MySQL keybuffer and 
speed up queries.

> If I actually cared about the OS disk usage I could delete downloaded
> source, but my entire / partition (even with the mysql databases)
> generally has no more than about 6 GB used.

Yeah, I was mostly just ribbing you; with how big hard disks are these 
days disk usage really doesn't matter.

> And does anyone running ubuntu actually get away without installed
> development tools?  I was never able to even when I used binary
> distros.

I have devel tools on my current Myth box, but I forget why I installed 
them.  It may have just been out of habit.  I did run a desktop machine 
for a good few months without them, though; I remember being surprised 
that they weren't there when I needed them to test something.

I liked Gentoo and found it very educational but eventually I just got 
tired of having to wait for every little thing to compile and then 
configuring it by hand.  Part of it may be that my day job involves a 
lot of that sort of thing, so when I get home I'm not really interested 
in babysitting gcc; I just want things to work. ;)

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