[mythtv-users] mythtv apple trailers updated to v0.4.2.2

David Knight dlknight at sdf.lonestar.org
Tue Jun 30 11:45:21 UTC 2009

>> > I just wanted to take time and say thanks for this.�
>> I finally got around to
>> > adding it to the menu and showed it to my wife.��
>> She got a big kick out of
>> > it.� :)
>> Well thats the ultimate test!
> I installed this on Mythbuntu 8.10 0.21-fixes.  One thing you might add to
> the installation notes is to install the cURL packages.  I had to do this
> before the grabber script would run.  I like the download option, since I
> only have a slow DSL connection which doesn't support streaming.
> There is an Apple Movie Trailers thing in Mythbuntu under the online
> streams section.  I gather that this Apple Trailers is not related.  The
> one that came with Mythbuntu has more trailers, organized by categories,
> and displays a synopsis for each trailer.  It is also streaming only and
> low resolution, so I really like the download option and 'HD' options.  Is
> it possible to add a movie trailer synopsis for each one?
> One thing I noticed is that while the grabber script is running and the
> appletrailer.xml file is being re-created, the appletrailer.xml file is
> not parseable.  If the grabber runs to completion while no one is using
> Myth frontend (either in the wee hours or you have a very fast internet
> connection) this is transparent.  Would it be better to have the grabber
> script re-create the xml file in a temporary file and then copy it over
> the appletrailer.xml file when complete?

Hey, I will try and have a look at these additions, not sure how adding
the synopsis would work. Currently I have my trailers viewable in
MythVideo so I guess you would need to insert the data from the apple
website into the mythtv database.

Creating a temporary working file for the appletrailer.xml should be
straight forward so will attempt that first.


Dave K.

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