[mythtv-users] dvico remotes and suspend to RAM on gentoo ... (LIRC fails to resume)

allan sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Tue Jun 30 08:29:47 UTC 2009

Hi all 

Good news is I got my backend moved properly.. (although bit the bullet
and rebuilt the backend). I'm now using John Drescher's overlay and the
VDPAU de-interlacing looks fantastic. 

My final stage in having my perfect system is to be able to suspend and
resume the system from the remote. 

I've got the first part worked out, I can get the suspend to run from
hitting the power button on the remote. 

The problems are with resume. I'm doing this in 2 stage process, first
get resume working from the power button and then getting it to work
from the remote .

I've googled this and seen this is not uncommon, It seems to be related
to including modules in my /etc/hibernate/common.conf (or
blacklist.conf). Also I can see that I might possibly need to run some
kind of script to kill mythfrontend and reopen it on resume. 

Problem is I can only seem to find information relevant to MCE remotes
and for Ubuntu or Fedora but not Gentoo... Has anyone got this working
with any of the DVICO fusion remotes? 

Any tips to resolve this if you have got it working on Gentoo with other

any tips at all?



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