[mythtv-users] Proposal for updatng ffmpeg in Mythtv 0.21

Travis Tabbal travis at tabbal.net
Mon Jun 29 15:20:42 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 4:54 PM, Nick Rout<nick.rout at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jean-Yves has actually acheived a resync of ffmpeg into 0.21-fixes but
> the devs asked him not to distribute it, preferring to see effort put
> into finishing 0.22. There has been conversation on the mythtvnz
> mailing list. http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/mythtvnz/386501.
>  Whatever your view on the work JYA has done and the myth devs'
> reaction to it, I think a resync of ffmpeg into 0.21-fixes is a dead
> duck. I also think that there has been enough debate on the subject,
> the only reason for this post is to draw your attention to the
> position.

I don't really get this position by the devs. If JYA has already done
the work, what difference does it make if he makes it available like
he did with the backport for VDPAU? I don't see how it pulls work away
from .22 as people wanting to run it wouldn't be interested in .22 at
the moment. When I see an announcement that .22 is even Beta quality,
I'll give it a go and be a tester, but I don't have time to dev on it
right now. I expect many on this list (users) are likely to feel the
same. I have to use mplayer for many external videos right now because
the internal player can't quite play them properly. I understand this
is due to mplayer having a more updated ffmpeg. Not that mplayer is
bad, but it makes things harder for the wife as it's not easy for her
to tell when the system is using mplayer vs. internal.

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