[mythtv-users] mysql, latin1, utf8 and non-mythtv apps

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Jun 29 13:00:33 UTC 2009

On 06/29/2009 07:19 AM, Robin Gilks wrote:
> I think this is probably a question for Michael T."the mysql king"  Dean -
> Hi Mike!! but I'll be grateful for any help here.
> I running Gentoo and have a non-latin1 mysql installation. I've read the
> instructions for correcting the problem for MythTV and fully understand
> them but I'm holding off changing the database until I can find more
> information about the effects on my other databases.

If you have other databases installed on the same database server you're 
using for MythTV, your best bet is to continue running MythTV with a 
"broken" configuration until you're ready to upgrade to 0.22 (when 
released), since 0.22 does not require any specific MySQL server 
encoding configuration.

At that point, back up /all/ your databases (including the corrupt 
0.21-fixes mythconverg database).  Then, drop all the databases, then 
fix the mythconverg backup, then reconfigure your MySQL server for 
latin1, then restore only the mythconverg backup, then back up the 
uncorrupted 0.21-fixes database.  Then, run mythtv-setup from 0.22 (to 
upgrade to the 0.22 schema).  Then, back up the good 0.22 database.

Now that you have a good mythconverg backup of an encoding-agnostic 
database schema, drop the (good) mythconverg database, then reconfigure 
your MySQL server as it was before (following the instructions from the 
wiki page, mv /etc/mysql/my.cnf-orig /etc/mysql/my.cnf ).  ( 
)  Then, restart mysqld, import all your databases (including the good 
0.22 backup of the mythconverg database), and enjoy.

Or, if you prefer, an even safer method is to find another system on 
which to perform the conversion so you don't have to do it on the system 
that's used for your other databases.  Configure mysqld correctly, fix 
the corrupt 0.21-fixes backup, import the backup, backup the good 
0.21-fixes database, then run mythtv-setup (to upgrade the schema to 
0.22), then backup the 0.22 database, then--on the real MySQL server 
you're using with Myth--drop the corrupt 0.21-fixes database and import 
the good 0.22 database.


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