[mythtv-users] Multi satellite use with rotor, can't get it to work

Peter Brouwer peter.brouwer at btconnect.com
Mon Jun 29 11:48:20 UTC 2009


I am using mythtv 0.21 , patched for vdpau

I have one S2 tuner. With input connections I have created two 
connections for the card, one on astra 19.2 and one on astra 28.2.
Scanned in a few transponders for testing, bbc on astra 28.2 and dutch 
channels on astra 19.2. Rotor moved when doing this

Now when I try to watch the scanned channels via the frontend the rotor 
does not move, it stays on the last scanned satellite.

What could be wrong? I have been pulling my hair out for days.
I tried to make sens of the database schema, but the whole sat/disecq 
implementation looks hideous complex, being used to a dreambox receiver.

Any suggestions?
Is the rotor/multiple sat implementation in 0.22 any better?

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