[mythtv-users] Slow GL transitions with 20745 trunk....

warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon Jun 29 08:02:40 UTC 2009

Hi *

As set of new features/enhancements in trunk slowly reaching critical mass for me - I'm slowly preparing to migrate to trunk as my production system (be + 3 x fe).
As with 0.21 I already achieved really high WAF - I want to do all to keep WAF as high as possible also with trunk. 
Last developments visual aspects of trunk (i.e. Graphite theme ) are very promising.  

I'm wonder other ppl experience with trunk regarding stability of trunk as fe and be.

Also I have small issues with SVN20745 on minimyth with latest version of graphite theme (25/06) like:
-lack of recording thumbnails in watch TV
-slow GL transitions (2-3 sec)
I'm wonder - have anybody similar issues with 20745 ?
I'm asking because I don't know - are above issues an result of current trunk bugs or rather my environment needs some fixing...

My sys is:
minimyth 53, kernel 2.6.30, Nv 180.60, Xorg7.4+1.6.1, trunkSVN20745.  


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