[mythtv-users] Problem with DVB-C setup in germany

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Mon Jun 29 03:42:06 UTC 2009


You haven't done anything wrong. In fact, I have experienced the same
"problem" with Myth and DVBC in a different country. You can probably blame
your cable provider, since it is most likely sending bogus information in
the DVB stream (dvbsnoop is your friend here).

There are 2 ways to fix this.

You'll have to do your scan again. And delete the bogus transports. The
problem now is that some/all channels in the mythtv  channel table are
associated with the "Wrong" (and now deleted) multiplexes. You'll have to
associate them with the correct ones, and then mythtv should work.

The easy way is to get this information from your settop box. If you have a
Dreambox, its very easy. If you dont, you'll have to take a look at the
transponder information in your box somehow.

The hard way (and most likely) is as follows. Take the information from the
scan, specifically the transponder frequency and the service id (although
normally the service ids are correct) for each channel. Then, look for the
frequency in the dtv_multiplex table, and note the multiplex id (mplexid).
Then, go to the channel table, find the channel you're working on and look
at its mplexid, its probably associated with a multiplex which you have
deleted. Update the entry with the mplexid that you have from the
dtv_multiplex table. Repeat for each and every channel. You can use
phpmyadmin to do all this, or, if you know enough about mysql, can do it on
the commandline, updating every channel with the right multiplex, on a *per
multiplex* basis.

I would do this for a couple of multiplexes, then try actually viewing the
channel(s) to make sure you got it right. Only then would I proceed with the
rest of the channels.

This is how I more or less got my DVBC up and running (DVBS has never been a
problem for me).

If/when you get the dtv_multipex and channel tables straightened out, you'll
want to save them somewhere safe, because most likely you will never scan
the DVBC transports again, or you'll mess up these tables with the wrong
information. I use this method when setting up testing environments and
migrating mythv. After spending several hours fixing, you do not want to
ever do it again!

You'll see several tickets about this problem in SVN. I dont think its
really a bug in myth, but a provider bug, so only some people (like you and
I) are affected.


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> Dear all,
> meanwhile I found some time to test the procedure Marc proposed. The
> scan worked and as a result I got a channels.conf which I imported in
> myth-setup. Unfortunately I still get the following errors when I want
> to switch to live tv (from the mythbackend.log file)
> 2009-06-28 15:49:48.497 DVBChan(1:0) Error: SetChannelByString(28468):
> Tuning to frequency.
> 2009-06-28 15:49:48.498 TVRec(1) Error: Failed to set channel to
> 28468. Reverting to kState_None
> 2009-06-28 15:49:48.499 TVRec(1): Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
> 2009-06-28 15:50:48.778 DVBChan(1:0) Warning: Your frequency setting
> (11836500) is out of range. (min/max:47000000/862000000)
> 2009-06-28 15:50:48.780 DVBChan(1:0) Warning: Symbol Rate setting
> (27500000) is out of range (min/max:458333/7333333)
> The curious thing is, that automatically numerous transports appear in
> my transports lists which do not belong to dvb-c at all. The above
> frequency 11836500 and the Symbol Rate of 275000000 for example is
> such a transport and somehow it is connected to my initial channel
> 28448 :(
> I already tried to delete all transports that do not match dvb-c but
> after I did that in the channels editor, all my channels have gone as
> well.
> I hope somebody can explain me what I am doing wrong and why I cannot
> get a proper connection between dvb-c transports and my channels.
> Best regards and thx in advance for your help
> Joachim
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