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On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 10:59 AM, jansenj
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> Why won't my SONY HDTV output surround sound (let alone any sound) audio
> via spdif connection when it comes in as 5.1 stream via HDMI?!!? Arrgh, its
> so anoying!  It works when you're watching live ATSC on the TV, but ONLY for
> that use!  You can have analog LR out when your audio comes in via
> hdmi...whoohooo.  I'd love to put my mythbox in another room and just run a
> single HDMI cable to my TV, but then I can't get surround sound on my sound
> system unless I add some extra converter box to split the digital audio back
> off the hdmi cable.  I'm sure it was done for some copyright protection, but
> that is just going to far in my opinion for the audio stream.  I want to
> have the audio on the TV, but want the option for surround sound if I am in
> the mood.  Why should I have to buy an expensive HDMI capable amp in order
> to achieve this!? They make it so difficult!!!  If you read this gripe,
> thanks for listening.  Any suggestions would be appreciated, but I really
> don't anticipate any.

You can blame Hollywood for that one.  It's called the "Protected Audio
Path".  The way we want it to work makes sense from a logical POV, but
apparently, not from a monetary POV.

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