[mythtv-users] Minimum hardware recomendation

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 15:08:06 UTC 2009

> I think he was saying what he would do for the application I proposed
> which is a combined fe/be.
> Seems that a TiVo might be a better way for her to go.  If the new
> software was stable so that I could run one of these low power
> Atom-Ion boards things would be different but I don't think I have
> time to experiment and giving her development code doesn't seem like a
> good idea.  Nobody has mentioned the backport so I assume it isn't an
> option any more.  Perhaps some of the new fixes have left it in the
> dust.  I see lots of posts with xxxx broke this or that.

Jean-Yves VDPAU backport is still available and works great on my
system. Nobody brought it up probably because it is an unsupported
backport, so there has been some backlash about suggesting it to
others without all of the caveats associated with unsupported code.
For me and many others thought the VDPAU backport is working very
well. It is also very very easy to setup. Assuming you use Jean-Yves
mythbuntu repositories, then the only thing you do differently from a
standard setup is to make sure you are using one of the nvidia-glx-180
drivers (180.60 for most right now). Then make a playback profile and
choose VDPAU from renderer menu and then choose the VDPAU
deinterlacers that you want to use. There is no other special setup

However, there are bound to be issues that arise as there always are
on any given setup. If you are close enough and willing to fix those
things then that is great, but if you aren't then you may just end up
with someone that hates mythtv if she is unable to address things
herself (even simple stuff like occasionally restarting the FE after a
crash or hang are too much for many). Also trading a full cable line
up for a handful of OTA stations isn't exactly an equal comparison. If
she likes those other channels she needs to understand she won't be
getting them.

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