[mythtv-users] Call for iMON testing

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Thu Jun 18 04:17:20 UTC 2009

On 06/18/2009 12:14 AM, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> I'm probably going to regret turning on delivery of mail from this list
> again, but I'd like to reach out to as many iMON users as possible...
> I've done a *MASSIVE* overhaul of the lirc_imon driver over the past
> week and a half, and would like people to test out the new code.

...which you can of course obtain from lirc cvs:


(I've also got a kernel git tree w/lirc patched in, but not enough 
bandwidth for people to be pulling from that, so unless you know how to 
grab linus' tree, then add mine as a remote, we'll let that be...)

> I've already tested extensively on the Antec Veris Premiere (rebranded
> iMON UltraBay, device 0x0045), the iMON Touch 7" (0x0034 -- well,
> actually, Rene, who helped out hugely w/the code tested it) and the iMON
> Knob (one of many 0xffdc devices), so results with devices other than
> those are of greatest interest.
> So why would you want to test this?
> 1) recent iMON devices have two usb interface endpoints, which lirc has
> historically set up as two different lirc devices (/dev/lirc0,
> /dev/lirc1), and you had to bind them together in userspace. Setup is
> ugly, and requires modifying init scripts. Well, that's a thing of the
> past, dual-interface devices are now handled by a single lirc device.
> 2) that mouse/keyboard toggle button now actually does the same thing it
> does under windows. If there's no IR client, the directional pad
> operates as a mouse and ch+/- operate as a scroll wheel. Once an IR
> client (like, say, mythtv) is connected, you can toggle back and forth
> between mouse operation and lirc button operation (the way its always
> behaved -- dpad is up, down, left, right).
> 3) the touchscreen devices are fully supported, both as an input
> subsystem device and an lirc button matrix, so you can pick which way
> you want to process touchscreen input data.
> 4) front-panel buttons and/or knobs are properly re-enabled if you've
> gone and mucked with your iMON device under Windows
> 5) support for putting the IR receiver into either iMON protocol mode,
> or Windows MCE (RC-6) protocol mode -- makes it *much* easier to use an
> iMON receiver with something like a Logitech Harmony remote (only works
> on the newer dual-interface devices, 0x0030 - 0x0046).
> Is that enough for y'all? Now get to testing, please... Feedback much
> appreciated.

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