[mythtv-users] Call for iMON testing

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Thu Jun 18 04:14:53 UTC 2009

I'm probably going to regret turning on delivery of mail from this list 
again, but I'd like to reach out to as many iMON users as possible...

I've done a *MASSIVE* overhaul of the lirc_imon driver over the past 
week and a half, and would like people to test out the new code.

I've already tested extensively on the Antec Veris Premiere (rebranded 
iMON UltraBay, device 0x0045), the iMON Touch 7" (0x0034 -- well, 
actually, Rene, who helped out hugely w/the code tested it) and the iMON 
Knob (one of many 0xffdc devices), so results with devices other than 
those are of greatest interest.

So why would you want to test this?

1) recent iMON devices have two usb interface endpoints, which lirc has 
historically set up as two different lirc devices (/dev/lirc0, 
/dev/lirc1), and you had to bind them together in userspace. Setup is 
ugly, and requires modifying init scripts. Well, that's a thing of the 
past, dual-interface devices are now handled by a single lirc device.

2) that mouse/keyboard toggle button now actually does the same thing it 
does under windows. If there's no IR client, the directional pad 
operates as a mouse and ch+/- operate as a scroll wheel. Once an IR 
client (like, say, mythtv) is connected, you can toggle back and forth 
between mouse operation and lirc button operation (the way its always 
behaved -- dpad is up, down, left, right).

3) the touchscreen devices are fully supported, both as an input 
subsystem device and an lirc button matrix, so you can pick which way 
you want to process touchscreen input data.

4) front-panel buttons and/or knobs are properly re-enabled if you've 
gone and mucked with your iMON device under Windows

5) support for putting the IR receiver into either iMON protocol mode, 
or Windows MCE (RC-6) protocol mode -- makes it *much* easier to use an 
iMON receiver with something like a Logitech Harmony remote (only works 
on the newer dual-interface devices, 0x0030 - 0x0046).

Is that enough for y'all? Now get to testing, please... Feedback much 

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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