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Tue Jun 16 21:26:06 UTC 2009

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Subject: [mythtv-users] Remote recommendations

I've been using an RF keyboard for years and I'm finally ready to move to a remote. I know there a re a lot that work with lirc but I wanted to ask about ones that are good for my particular purpose.

I use a digital receiver for all sound processing so I would want to volume buttons to be able to be programmed to work on the receiver. I'd also want the power button to control the TV itself. Everything else I'd like to go to the computer. I'd like to be able to program all this would having to switch the remot between TV/CABLE/AUX modes like many universal remotes require. A plus would be programmable hot buttons I could use to execute scripts that would kill MythTV and load XBMC and vice versa.

So is there a truly programmable remote that works well with lirc and MythTV?


I have been using a Logitech Harmony 525.

It does everything you have asked for. I especially like the way it does not require you to choose the mode before you push a key.

I have an activity called Use MythTV. It turns on the PC (I have a Imon remote receiver that provides this function), the TV and the reciever. The TV is set to the correct input (HDMI2) and the Reciever to the correct input as well. The buttons pretty much all then work on the Mythbox except the volume buttons which work on the reciever.

I do have one problem though, hopefully Logitech support can sort it out. The commands to the Mythbox are sent too slowly - ie there is an interkey delay so if I push "up" 3 times (quickly) it sends "up" 3 times but with a 1 second delay between each send. It doesn't do this when it is sending commands to the TV or Receiver so must be something in the programming..


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