[mythtv-users] Another take on large-capacity disk enclosures

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Jun 16 04:11:08 UTC 2009

Yan Seiner <yan at seiner.com> says:
> It takes a desktop-class system about 6-10 hours to check a 2 TB raid-5
> array.  You really don't want a single large array comprising of 20 1.5 TB
> drives; fsck would take weeks.

Not in my experience. My 6.6TB software RAID 6 array on 16 disks using
JFS takes only a few minutes to fsck, and the 1.6GHz Xeon is nowadays
hardly state of the art (especially since software RAID does not use
more than one core).

Frontend/backend:	P4 3.0GHz, 1.5TB software RAID 5 array
Backend:		Quad-core Xeon 1.6GHz, 6.6TB sw RAID 6
Video inputs:		Four high-definition over FireWire/OTA
Accessories:		47" 1080p LCD, 5.1 digital, and MX-600

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