[mythtv-users] Another take on large-capacity disk enclosures

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 21:52:18 UTC 2009

> I have one of the SuperMicro cards running in a 133 Mhz. PCI-X slot, and I'm
> very pleased with it. Since Linux's software RAID works quite well, it's a
> far cheaper alternative to a hardware RAID card(s).
> Remember, though, that most PCI-X boards will slow down from 133 to 100 Mhz.
> when you use two PCI-X slots, so if you use two of them you will not get
> optimum performance. As you pointed out, you would pay a large performance
> penalty if you used the card in a standard PCI slot.
> PCI-X means you are talking about a server class mobo, which might mean ECC
> RAM as well, so things start to get costly.
I have to make a note of this. I still have dual opteron boards
running at work. One such system has 2 promise sx8 controllers and 18
to 20 WD 250GB SATA 1 disks.

> Most consumer boards have at least one PCI-Express 16X slot, but I had little
> luck finding a PCI-Express disk controller that was not hardware RAID, with
> its attendant cost.
Links please. I really could use 8 port or greater SATA2 controllers
in my file servers that do not include hardware raid that I will never

John M. Drescher

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