[mythtv-users] scte65scan .sql file (sourceid question)

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Mon Jun 15 20:52:50 UTC 2009

Brad Fuller wrote:
> I think in the resulting .sql file from scte65scan, we are dealing
> with "sourceid" which is the video source (e.g. SchedulesDirect) not
> the tuner. The identification for the tuner is "cardid".  But, I could
> be wrong.
You may be right.  That's been created and deleted several times too and 
I may have mixed them up.  Bottom line was that even though the channels 
showed up in the channel editor, they weren't associated with anything 
and if I went to LiveTV to try to verify the station, it simply 
immediately exited back to the menu and the backend spat out a message 
about finding no source for the channel number.  I ended up deleting 
everything and rescanning with myth and manually rebuilding my XMLTV 
ID's.  I've done it four times now, and got it down to about 3 hours.  I 
was hoping to use the script to save myself that 3 hours as the lineups 
are still changing here, but unless I were to start from scratch, it 
doesn't work for me (not knocking it, its a great tool for someone 
coming up from scratch).

> This is just the separated chosen in mythtv-setup. the author of
> scte65scan must have just the peiod as the separator.
I forget the exact text, but it was a Music Choice channel, which really 
doesn't work for me anyway (crashes my frontend), and the text was 
something similar to 'MC ARTIST'S CHOICE' and the T' ended the string 
and the S CHOICE' was what caused the error.

> Also, if you have subchannels, you are scanning ATSC OTA, which is
> different than cable. If you are scanning cable channels, I'm totally
> lost!
Probably a terminology issue.  Multiple "stations" or "networks" can 
live on the same "channel" or "frequency".  What I called "sub-channels" 
were merely different "stations" on the same "frequency".  When I scan, 
they show up as 18#1, 18#2 etc, with 18 being the "channel" and 1 or 2 
etc being the "sub-channel", in my imprecise terminology.  For ATSC, 
there is a setting that lets you change that format to something like 
18_1 or whatever, but it has no effect on my QAM channels, they always 
show up as x#y. 


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