[mythtv-users] The state of trunk, vdpau, hd-pvr, etc

Jim Stichnoth stichnot at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 14:45:16 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 2:02 AM, Marius Schrecker<marius at schrecker.org> wrote:
> Hi there,
>  After having some problems with Debian/my buggy hardware/Nvidia 9400GT, I
> finally moved over to Mythbuntu this weekend, and have been very impressed
> by how easy it has been to set up most things.
> At this rate I'll be ready for the next decision pretty soon, which is
> whether to risk my wife's wrath, and buy a hd-pvr/hdfury2 setup to go with
> Myth.
> Obviously this will need trunk to work, so can anyone say what the current
> status is? Am I likely to encounter lots of problems getting it all playing
> nicely? I'm thinking especially about vdpau/x264 from the hd-pvr which I
> have heard is buggy, and instability of the weekly builds for 0.22 (which
> must be getting pretty close to prime-time by now).

Here is my personal experience on this.  I spent a weekend with
everything moved to trunk, and my wife almost kicked me out of the
house.  The real problem was with the themes, basically the fact that
Terra was the only working theme and it was both incomplete and very
different from blootube.  There are other, "unapproved", ways of
adding HD-PVR/VDPAU to 0.21-fixes, which in contrast has worked pretty
well for the household.  There are still some rough edges.  The worst
is that occasionally (every 2-3 days) an HD-PVR recording flakes out
and wedges the backend which has to be manually restarted.  Others are
the lack of lossless transcoding, and weird low-res thumbnails in the
Watch Recordings page and in Mythweb.


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