[mythtv-users] Nova 500 DVB-T Dual Tuner - Are they rubbish?

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 06:30:17 UTC 2009

> The original feed from the roof aerial is split and
> amplified in the roofspace and supplied to about 6 or 7
> wall points.  

A masthead amplifier then I presume.

> This is in New Beith, which is out Greenbank way.  I am
> about 10kms as the crow flies from his house and have OK
> reception with a much older aerial (18years?) and my three
> Avermedia DVB-T tuner cards.  I haven't tried his server
> at my house though, perhaps I should???

It could narrow things down a bit - if its fine at your
place then it would point reception problems at his place
otherwise a problem with the card ...

You might have cabling issues as well - first try
disconnecting everything from the wall sockets including the
TV and plug the Nova into the TV wall socket.

I've actually gone off internal PCI tuners, particularly the
dual ones. They do look tidier but I believe they are more
to vulnerable internal RF interference in the case - bad
power supplies, dodgy solder etc. And with the dual tuners
the signal is split and hence halved without any possibility
of you boosting it yourself.

When I first put my mythbox together I had terrible problems
with channel 7, it was helpless. I noticed that my Seven on
Plasma got really bad also when the mythbox was close even
when it wasn't connected. Turned out to be the power supply
(a Antec 380W EarthWatts) was generating heaps of
interference. Once I replaced it with a Corsair vx450 it was
much better.

I guess where I'm rambling with this is that interference
could be causing a heap of issues - typical sources are:

- Dodgy cabling/connectors in the Aerial connectors. In both
my recent houses the wall plates were rusty as hell.

- Interference from the PC itself, faulty power supply,
loose connectors etc.

- External power leads or other devices. If you have power
bricks or cables running next to the tuner or antenna leads
to the tuners that can be a real problem.

p.s Never volunteer to maintain boxes for friends :) its an
endless treadmill.

Lindsay Mathieson

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