[mythtv-users] experience with HD Homerun in Australia

Philip Nourse pjn at pobox.com
Sun Jun 14 01:49:44 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 6:09 AM, The GUIGuy <linux at finalfiler.com> wrote:

Phil Wild wrote:

I purchased a unit from JB HiFi on Wednesday. The sticker price was
$299 but I asked the sales assistant if he could do better and he gave
it to me for $250.


Phil (and others),

Can you enlighten me about HDHomerun because I'm obviously missing something. To me it seems to be just another box that requires more cabling when I can achieve the same end inside a PC case?


Four advantages:

1. It's outside your case (and not a usb dongle right next to a case) and thus gets less interference

2. It allows for physical seperation of "parts" of the backend.  It's networked, small, and has an IR receiver.  A lot of people only have 1 antenna run (for a house with an external antenna) at their main TV.  So you plug this in next to the TV to do receiving of IR and antenna while your big myth box is in a closet somewhere.

3. It's networked in the same way a printer is.  ANYONE on the network can use it as long as it's idle, and idle status can be queried.  That means that you can have a windows laptop and use VLC to watch TV on it while myth isn't recording.  Since it has 2 tuners this can be useful.

4. It allows you to go a modular design instead of the "huge server box with 5 pci slots and tons of internal hard drives".  With the dvb-t hdhomerun, a mac mini, and 2-3 firewire drives you cold have a REALLY nice "super backend" which is fast enough, but also tiny and draws almost no power, without worrying about which USB tuner works and doesn't and may or may not be sensitive enough.  

The rev 2 box is very good at automatically attenuating the signal.  I added an extra amplifier to improve reception on a few channels.  The ones that were already 100% kept right on going without saturating.





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