[mythtv-users] experience with HD Homerun in Australia

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Sun Jun 14 11:43:31 UTC 2009

Bill Williamson wrote:
> Four advantages:
> 1. It's outside your case (and not a usb dongle right next to a case) 
> and thus gets less interference
> 2. It allows for physical seperation of "parts" of the backend.  It's 
> networked, small, and has an IR receiver.  A lot of people only have 1 
> antenna run (for a house with an external antenna) at their main TV.  So 
> you plug this in next to the TV to do receiving of IR and antenna while 
> your big myth box is in a closet somewhere.
> 3. It's networked in the same way a printer is.  ANYONE on the network 
> can use it as long as it's idle, and idle status can be queried.  That 
> means that you can have a windows laptop and use VLC to watch TV on it 
> while myth isn't recording.  Since it has 2 tuners this can be useful.
> 4. It allows you to go a modular design instead of the "huge server box 
> with 5 pci slots and tons of internal hard drives".  With the dvb-t 
> hdhomerun, a mac mini, and 2-3 firewire drives you cold have a REALLY 
> nice "super backend" which is fast enough, but also tiny and draws 
> almost no power, without worrying about which USB tuner works and 
> doesn't and may or may not be sensitive enough. 

Thanks Bill.

The GuiGuy

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