[mythtv-users] experience with HD Homerun in Australia

Peter Hocking peter at thehockings.org
Sun Jun 14 01:18:43 UTC 2009

The Guiguy wrote;

Phil Wild wrote:

> > 
> > I purchased a unit from JB HiFi on Wednesday. The sticker price was
> > $299 but I asked the sales assistant if he could do better and he gave
> > it to me for $250.
> > 

>Phil (and others),

>Can you enlighten me about HDHomerun because I'm obviously missing 
>something. To me it seems to be just another box that requires more 
>cabling when I can achieve the same end inside a PC case?


The adavantage for is that I can locate the HD Homerun near an TV aerial wall socket & it's not practical from a noise perspective & WAF to place my MythTV backend near the TV aerial socket.



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