[mythtv-users] DCH-6416 Firewire capture

Tim F fenn at stanford.edu
Sat Jun 13 06:28:49 UTC 2009

On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 14:09:35 -0700
Brad DerManouelian <bderman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is anyone consistently capturing Firewire from a DCH-6416 STB? I've  
> recently switched to cable and got 2 of these boxes. I've set them
> all up as correctly as I can tell and can use test-mpeg2 to capture
> a correct file from 1 of them (and the other if I power cycle the
> STB). MythTV will typically record the first program fine, but then
> produce zero byte files after that.

You got some great tips already, but I'll add another thing worth
checking/tinkering with is the firewire stack you're running - which
distro/release/kernel are you using? I've found version 2.0 or later of
the libraw1394 stack (juju), tend to work quite well for me (DCH-3416)
without the need for any priming.  Even if a zero-byte recording sneaks
in, it recovers afterwards OK (and I've even turned off the flag in the
mythtv-setup to have it try to reset the firewire bus). Granted, I'm
not doing alot of recording, so maybe I'm just lucky.  I'm coupling
this with Jarods mythtv packages on rpmfusion for a F11 system.

For more info on the current firewire stack:
the mailing lists are particularly interesting, lots of info on the
development of the driver (including some mythtv tidbits here and

Hope this helps,

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