[mythtv-users] My road to HDTV

Chris Niggel blastzone at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 14:29:25 UTC 2009

James -
  When I moved to HD & surround sound, I picked up a Turtle Beach
Audio Advantage Micro  USB to SPDIF adapter.  It's optical or digital,
and was picked right up by my Mythdora 5 system.  Took about 10
minutes of playing with the Mythtv settings to get it all running.
Some of the audiophiles on the list may not agree that it is the best
one, but it's still quite good (enough to really annoy the dog with
the rear channels).  I think it cost me $30 US.

As for firewire, I picked a PCI-X (Syba?) adapter with a NEC upd72874
chipset.  Again, it was picked right up by my system and I was
recording off firewire in minutes.  I've had some other problems with
freezing & resetting of the firewire bus, I believe it's a known issue
when working with the Moto DCT3200.  The only channel it can't get is
702 (Fox), which works for 5 minutes, then freezes.  My other backup
plan is a cron job that restarts mythbackend every morning.  If the
bus freezes while recording the previous day, the reset of the backend
fixes that.  This card was also about $30 US.

Hope that helps.

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