[mythtv-users] My road to HDTV

James Orr james.orr7 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 02:58:13 UTC 2009

Today I took another step on my HDTV path when my HD HomeRun arrived.

Setup was painless, no issues at all.  Even installing the VDPAU patches on
the frontend went smoothly.

Now, my intended next step is to add a PCI firewire card (any
recommendations?) to my backend, then swap one of my two SD digital cable
boxes for an HD one.  I want this for channel changing, capturing whatever I
can and then use one of my PVR-250s to capture the rest until I get a HDPVR.

As I was setting up schedules direct for the HDHR, I noticed I can't select
the cable providers I currently have already again.  This isn't a problem
for the HDHR as I could use the OTA lineup, but it did raise questions for
my next step ...

I think I will require my current line-ups with HD channels removed for the
SD box I am keeping and the PVR-250 capture of the HD box, but I will also
need another cable line-up with whatever I can capture over firewire on it.
Is the only way to do this to create a second schedules direct account?

On a different issue, I would like to get 5.1 sound to my receiver.  My
receiver can accept optical digitial, coaxial digital or 6 channel direct
input. I would need either a low-profile PCI card or a USB device.  Any
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