[mythtv-users] OT- Best time to rescan - WAS: PBS interlacing not working

Nate Bargmann n0nb at n0nb.us
Fri Jun 12 02:10:47 UTC 2009

* Justin The Cynical <cynical at penguinness.org> [2009 Jun 11 15:53 -0500]:
> Yan Seiner wrote:
>> Well, I just submitted a "Reception Report" to Oregon Public Broadcasting.
>>  As tomorrow is the DTV deadline, I expect that will be ignored while they
>> deal with Aunt Mabel telling them to fix their transmitters as her 27 year
>> old Zenith just went black.  :-)
> Speaking of the switch, does any one know if it's supposed to kick in at  
> midnight?

Analog operations must be shut down by 11:59:59 PM local time/  Some
stations will shut down early tomorrow morning and others throughout
the day.  A given station's website might be a good source or else
contact another way to learn when they will transition.  By sunrise
Saturday morning the transition should be complete.

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