[mythtv-users] Mythtv to go? Any guides/suggestions for watching my recordings on a plane?

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Sat Jun 6 02:13:46 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 4:28 PM, Douglas Wagner <douglasw0 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 6:09 PM, Johnny <jarpublic at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Hi, I have a 0.21 based combined FE/BE but I'm planning to travel soon
>> and
>> > would like to take some recordings with me.
>> > I have a windows laptop that I usually travel with and I'm looking for
>> an
>> > easy way to watch recordings.
>> > I figure I could:
>> > a) copy the raw files. but without the mysql DB the files will
>> > have cryptic names so WAF will be very low.
>> > b) mytharchive the recordings to dvd "wasting" a bunch of dvds and
>> battery
>> > life during playback.
>> > c) install linux on my laptop and then a FE & tunerless BE, then copy
>> the DB
>> > & recordings?  (this sounds like way too much work!)
>> > Ideally I'd like to have mpg files with easy names and I feel like this
>> > should be possible however I don't have any experience with transcoding
>> > (haven't needed to).
>> > Is that the way to go?  Any suggestions, pointers to wikis, etc would be
>> > appreciated.
>> You want to use mythrename.pl. It will do just what you want. Use the
>> link option to get links to the original files but with meaningful
>> names. Then copy the renamed files over to your laptop and it will
>> grab the right file and it will have a good name. Also a quick way for
>> just a few recording is to just download them via mythweb. This will
>> also give you a meaningful name fore the file.
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> To second this and provide a bit more general information (since the topic
> might be easily picked up.).
> From a laptop perspective,there is absolutely no reason to have Myth
> installed (i.e. Make the laptop a linux laptop and install myth as a
> separate frontend).  Too, the Myth Database is unnecessary for viewing
> recordings off system.
> From the windows perspective, there are several players out there that will
> recognize the standard MPEG2 format(* see note) from VLC,(very popular) to
> Windows Media Player,to several others, the format is supported so the
> LARGEST problem you have is actually getting the recordings TO the laptop (I
> recommend FTP as I have found both copying over samba shares and nfs shares
> unreliable with this large an amount of data...particularly if you are
> talking HD Recordings).
> * NOTE: The NUV format is unlikely to be supported across just about any
> system other than Linux and any NUV recordings will likely need to be
> transcoded to mpeg2 or mpeg4 first before transfer, google for
> "Mythtranscode" for more information.
> As the poster mentioned above if your only issue is what the files are
> named, you can either do the rename yourself (files are in the format of
> channel_year|month|day|hour|minute|second (1301_20080503190000.mpg) and it's
> very easy within myth to find the video you want and both copy it and rename
> it.  That said, this is what mythrename.pl does for you.  You tell it what
> file to rename and it will create a copy of the recording with the show name
> and such in the file name, very handy.
> Again, to be a bit more generic with the discussion, if you are looking to
> play this on a device other than a fully blown windows laptop (like an iPod
> Touch/Video, Zune, PSP, etc.) then what you need to do is setup something to
> take your shows and automatically export them to a format supported by the
> device.
> If you happen to be using a UBUNTU mythtv based system there is a WONDERFUL
> program called "MythExport" (again, google) that will allow you to export
> recordings to an iTunes compatable feed that will allow you to very quickly
> and easily export myth recordings to a handheld device.  I am currently
> sitting at home from a 15 hour drive (with another comming up) ahead of me
> and two iPod touches and an iPhone loaded to the brink with various programs
> and shows that each person wants to watch on the trip...sure keeps a 7 and 5
> year old quiet during a long road trip.
> There used to be a more generic setup called myth2ipod which I think I
> re-documented on the Myth Wiki at
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/IPod_Export_Solution:_Myth2iPod.  My personal
> preference is Mythexport (and if you can make it work it's better) since you
> have full web based control and an eaiser to use interface than myth2ipod,
> but I did use myth2ipod for several years and it works just as well, albeit
> with a bit more manual intervention...and I think that solution is somewhat
> limited in the systems it supports (It was built to export to the old iPod
> video, so some of the settings are likely very user specific.)  Most of
> these systems are command line utilities that allow you to setup a user job
> within mythtv to automagically export a recording.
> This said, both mythexport and myth2ipod are really nothing more than
> wrapper scripts for ffmpeg and the other transcoding utilities you likely
> already have installed on your system.  There is NOTHING (other than time
> and experience I guess) to keep you from just using ffmpeg and setting up
> your own feed to something like iTunes if you're looking to export to a
> handheld device.
> Looking up things like "mythtv export to ipod" or "export mythtv to
> windows" should get you a host of links that might be helpful.
> --Douglas Wagner

Thanks for all the info!  I suspect I'll just use mythweb but I'll look into
mythexport too.

Somewhat OT but how does myth decide whether to record as *.mpg or *.nuv?  I
just checked my (nearly all SD) BE and I only found a single *.nuv file that
was very small.  Is this set in the recording profiles or SD vs HD?

thanks in advance,
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