[mythtv-users] What do you think is the best de-interlacer to use?

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 23:38:49 UTC 2009


2009/6/6  <mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net>:
> Is it possible to quantity the difference between those two?  Like TS/2x
> is better if you're actively comparing, but only slightly?  Or it's
> obvious no matter what?  I think you said before the difference is more

Advanced 2X provides a image that stays sharp under almost all circumstances.

> noticeable on fast-moving scenes.  I really like the ION platform and I'm

For fast moving scene, I was comparing Advanced 1X and Temporal 2X
(because I too use a 9400IGP, which can't do advanced 2X on HD
content) ; and Temporal 2X was better. Watching a NBA game, I could
follow the ball with Temporal 2X while with Advanced 1X, it was just a

> disappointed it can't do Advanced 2x, but I don't know how much of a loss
> that really is.  (Maybe it's moot anyway if getting the TV to do it can be
> done consistently.)

If looked each on their own, they both look great .. it's only when
doing side by side comparison that you notice that Advanced 2X is

What I like the most with either of those, is that you get no
flickering or scintillating on white scenes or text , which I always
noticed with the other software based deinterlacers.

Hope this help

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