[mythtv-users] Upgrade to VDPAU or fix my xorg file

Stephen Peters steve at priorityelectronics.com
Wed Jun 3 23:49:05 UTC 2009

> Also, another issue i have with vdpau is that if i'm gonna get it, i want
> one that won't cause video stuttering when the osd comes up, and i want one
> that is fanless and has component output for my tv. I'm an idealist here on
> this one, and i don't think any exist yet. Can someone prove me wrong
> please  : )

The OSD stuttering is, as was mentioned here today, a known problem caused by 
the fact that the devs do not have the OSD using VDPAU, yet. Give them a 
little time.

That's why i want to get my ati rage cards working in the meantime. That way, when the devs get 0.22 out and vdpau to do osd,
and whatnot, i figured the vdpau requirements will change a little bit, or at least be clearer than they are today, and maybe 
one of the fanless cards will work. So I'm just waiting basically. The fact that linux can't support two separate video cards 
may force me to upgrade vdpau sooner than i'd planned on it.

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