[mythtv-users] Video Editing HELP! (COMPLETE noobie)

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Wed Jun 3 22:43:38 UTC 2009

Douglas Wagner wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 11:34 AM, Johnny <jarpublic at gmail.com 
> <mailto:jarpublic at gmail.com>> wrote:
>      > For the MythTranscode line above -c and -s are taking a chanid and a
>      > starttime are they not?  This video is outside of MythTV, there is no
>      > database information for it, thus there is no starttime or chanid
>     associated
>      > with the recording.  It was originally recorded through Myth but was
>      > transcoded and exported (without removing commercials) a long
>     time ago.  The
>      > original video works (sound/video) but, obviously, there's still
>     commercials
>      > in it that I'd like to get rid of.  Thus the external editor.
>     The mythtranscode command is to rebuild the seek table. Mythtv uses a
>     seek table to accurately skip forward and back. The seek problems your
>     described are most like caused by the seek table being messed up or
>     not rebuilt when you transcoded to remove the commercials. This
>     command will rebuild the seek table and should allow you to
>     fast-forward and rewind correctly. As far as the old transcoded videos
>     with commercials that you are editing outside of mythtv, that is a
>     separate set of issues.
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> Yea, unfortunately it's that "separate set of issues" that are causing 
> me problems.  The recordings inside myth I am at least minimally 
> comfortable with, the problems I run into there is after following the 
> transcode steps they tend to get corrupted (the seek table gets 
> destroyed)...but I haven't tried with the transcode line noted above so 
> that might work.
The intended order of doing things:
A. record mpeg2 files
B. marke your commercials
C. mythtranscode cuts MPEG2 files, is does NOT AFAIK if first transcoded 
to MPEG4 or whatever.
D. then transcode to mpeg4 to save more space.
> What I'm MUCH more worried about right now is to find a generic, easy to 
> use tool I can use to correct problems with a video after it's been 
> transcoded and brought "outside" of mythtv, such as the videos I have 
> with commercials in them, without a seek table, that no longer have 
> mythtv database data for them.
One can add whatever mpeg2 file to the mythtv record database after
first investigating the length/duration of the file with
mediainfo path/to/file/trouble.mpg
myth.rebuilddatabase.pl -f trouble.mpg --dir path/to/file
mythtranscode -mpeg2 --honorcutlist -c Channel -s Starttime

If it's transcoded to mpeg4, mediainfo will tell you, I don't know if 
it's possible to get a seektable again. Hope it helps a bit.
   Again, I am able to cut commercials but
> it seems to ruin the video (loss of sound, speeding up or slowing down 
> of the video, etc.).
> As to the seek table issue with these videos I read something about in 
> essence creating a recording, copying the video over the top of the 
> recording (so there's database information on channel and starttime) and 
> then using the transcoder to fix the seek table.  I'm not beyond trying 
> that, but I suspect that doing this would still not allow me to create 
> cut points in Myth video editing to do the process inside myth...maybe 
> it would.
> Perhaps I'm asking the wrong question.  Perhaps the question I should be 
> asking is: Is there any way to bring these external videos back into 
> myth's database so that they would be again editable through the Myth 
> System?
> Myth's tools seem to work, external tools don't.
> --Douglas Wagner
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