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Ian Bonham ian.bonham at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 22:17:24 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I'm doing some research at the moment and am looking for some help if

I've got over 300 channels coming in here via satellite, some of which
populate their guide data with EPG, some don't. This makes the TV guide
complicated as often I'm seeing 'No Data' in the guide. I'm on Astra 28.2E
in Europe by the way.

I mainly follow the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News, maybe a couple of

What I am looking to do is create a way of pressing a button on my remote,
which then takes a list of user chosen channels, and prints a landscape A4
of the TV guide for those channels.

Maybe it's 9pm. I hit the blue-button on my MCE remote, and the printer
throws out a sheet displaying a grid format (i.e. MythWeb style) for just
channels I have chosen to be printed for the next 3/6 hours?

It may sound a 'bit' odd wanting a hard copy of a TV guide, but I am not the
only one in the house and the TV guide on dead-tree was always fun for
circling programs. In an "I am watching this so try to stop me!" way!

I have had a look through the Mythweb code, but it's functioned all over the
place and I got lost! What I'm thinking is design a script that pumps out
PostScript based on selections made by the users for the channels they want
on their dead-tree TV guide. If we did it to landscape A4, we could make it
easilly readable.

I'm aiming to work on this, but I'd like some help if possible? I did look
at FreeGuide as an option, but the print format is awful. Also, FreeGuide
doesn't time-shift when you are in a different time-zone. So we need to use
Myth's database. Can anyone suggest a routine for grabbing data from MySQL
that would produce the same 15 min block format used in MythWeb for selected

I think this would be very exciting code to design, and hope I can get some
help with this aim.

Thanks in advance for reading my posting,

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