[mythtv-users] MythTv, HD-PVR & Xine

Doug Haber doug at fawnanddoug.com
Wed Jun 3 14:47:05 UTC 2009

Hi All,


I've been recording shows using my HD-PVR (with Myth SVN trunk) and on a
relatively powerful box the playback is fine.  However, when I try to
playback the files on a Mac Mini I get a lot of stuttering and prebuffering
pause messages in the logs.  However, if I play the file back on the Mac
Mini using Xine then the playback is pretty smooth.  Is there anything I can
do to get Myth to use the same playback as Xine?  If not, is there any way
to use the regular recordings list but then have it play the file in Xine
instead of directly in Myth?




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