[mythtv-users] distro

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 18:07:29 UTC 2009

> For you, perhaps. I'm aware of at least a couple of people who wound up with
> totally borked systems by "clicking OK in a GUI".
> Of course, they violated the prime directive of system updates: Backup, backup
> and backup again.
> If you're talking about a home "hobbyist" system, that's one thing, but any
> mission-critical system operator would be nuts to use anything marked
> as "unstable", which includes all of Ubuntu, since it is based on a Debian
> release clearly labeled "unstable".
> We all want the latest features, and support for the latest devices, but such
> support comes at a price, which is usually stability.
> Even if an unstable release works for you, that doesn't mean it will work for
> everyone, under all circumstances.
> But of course everyone is welcome to try anything, just be aware of the
> potential danger if you trust anything important to it.
> Of course, I do not consider TV to be "important", in that context, but if my
> bank were to send me an email telling me they had switched to a system less
> than a month old to manage my accounts, I'd pull my money out immediately.

Good point. I think of my mythtv system as a toy. I wouldn't do half
the stuff I do with it in a critical production environment. However,
I have heard that once you get a few teenagers and a wife hooked, your
mythtv system will become mission critical real fast.

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