[mythtv-users] Anybody driving HDTV off combo MA78GM-US2H + AMD 2700 Dual Core?

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 1 23:29:16 UTC 2009

I have an opteron 170 with 2GB of RAM.. which is hence much lower specced than
your machine. 

I use an Nvidia 7600 GS silent PCI-E (oldie but a goodie).. and I have no problem
with HD at all... 

I've never been keen on ATI video cards after some horrible early experiences..
but I have never had an issue with 

On my second frontend I run it to a 1600 * 1050 22" monitor with an FX-5700 AGP
again without any issues.. I suggest picking up a cheap PCIE NVIDIA card (8400
GS) .. such a shame to waste such a powerful machine by underpowering the video..  

On Mon Jun  1 15:28 , Dmitry Shesterin  sent:

>Dear Team,
>I have recently upgraded my BE/FE machine to Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H mb,  
>AMD 2700 Dual Core, 8Gb of RAM (I know, overkill, keeps MySQL happy,  
>had to get server kernel), 2Tb LVM.
>That thing just does not want to do HD. The newest ATI driver did not  
>help, xvinfo still gives no adapters found.
>I then tried to switch to a PCI Nvidia FX5200 fanless, but the PCI bus  
>seems to be just not enough to handle HD at FE's resolution of  
>1368x720. Even with XVMC.
>Right now I an driving fglrx via DVI to HDMI on my Sharp 42". I  
>noticed that the original HDMI>HDMI had more overscan, go figure.
>For now I lowered the resolution to 720x480 to get tearless playback,  
>but that is just not serious.
>Any suggestions? Does anybody have a similar setup and is able to run  
>hdtv? Can you please share your settings?
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