[mythtv-users] Neuros requestion suggestions for OSD3

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 15:50:14 UTC 2009

Neuros is asking for suggestions as they spec out the hardware for
their next open source HTPC system. There previous systems have run a
modified version of Ubuntu and even used a lot of mythtv code in them
(see Neuros Link), but they usually seem to fall short in various
ways. I think that Neuros is about as close as the mythtv community is
going to get in terms of having a custom hardware built just for
mythtv, so it may behoove interested parties get over their and share
your opinion. Here is the blurb form the their request in their

Even though the OSD2 is not even out of the developer kit stage, and
the OSD is still going, it's time to start thinking about the OSD3,
and here's why:

1. This our chance to get our configuration included in the
"motherboard" that TI is designing
2. By getting started early, we can catch the initial launch of the
silicon (which is a lesson we learned from missing it with the OSD2)
3. We can be included in the inital discussions about OS porting, etc.
(another lesson we learned from missing it with the OSD2 and the
issues over Montavista, etc)
4. By launching early we can create a Neuros community that is the
defacto open source device and community for this new architecture
(ie, the goal is for Neuros to be the official "beagleboard" type site
and community for this architecture.
5. TI is driving activity on this NOW, they will be active in these
discussions (including this very thread) and we have an opportunity to
get integrated in the discussion today that won't be available to us,
once we get further down the road.  At this point in the design cycle,
there's more attention and resources applied than once the design gets
more solidified and mature, so now is the time.

All this naturally begits the question "what is this new
architecture?" and we're in the process of rolling out information as
we have it.  Here's what we know today:

1. We're probably a good 18 months away from a consumer product
(minimum/optimistic I'd say)
2. It will be full 1080p/60 capable on both encoding and decoding
(h.264, etc) with *official* support for that performance from TI
3. It will combine a solid ARM core as well.  As you'd expect it will
only be a step up from Cortex A8 OMAP 35x
4. Its targeted at the high end, the initial spec we're talking about
2GB of DDR3 memory so this is a full HD solution, not a $99 Roku
5. A full solid web browser is a pre-requisite.  This means HTML5,
Full Adobe flash support, including Hulu HD and the like.

In a nutshell, the OSD3 is intented to be a quiet, embedded device
with full Web support as well as full fledged, embedded recprding and
playback of HD content.  Now its your turn, what are your requirements
for such a device?  How would you spec it?  What are the must haves?
the nice-to-haves, both on the software side as well as hardware.

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