[mythtv-users] Corrupt Backend?

H P Ladds householdwords at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 17:45:48 UTC 2009

Hey All,

I unwittingly ran two backends on my network: one on the FE/BE system,
and another on a remote FE. I thought I removed the backend from the
remote FE during installation, but apparently not, as  running
"/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend [stop, start, restart]" from the remote FE
would stop, start, and restart a backend.  Also, "update-rc.d -f
mythtv-backend remove" seemed to remove the application.

Symptoms are:
Slow and sporadic connection to the backend when trying to watch TV
from the remote FE.

On both the FE/BE and remote FE, when switching channels, "unknown" is
displayed for the listing info -- as if "mythfilldatabase" has not
been run in weeks, but I run it frequently. (My Zap2it account is good
till 2010.)

Occasionally when selecting a video from my remote FE, I must "click"
through an entire path of folders ("unknown prefix" > media > hdc1 >
video) to view the gallery of available DVDs. On other occasions, the
gallery view of the DVD pops right-up. It seems as if  the nfs share
between the BE's and the remote's
/myth/video is recognized sporadically. In either circumstance, I can
play the DVDs from the command line using "xine -pf
dvd:/myth/video/directory_of_dvd" -- implying that the nfs connection
is solid, but the database is corrupted or the connection to the
database is bad.

Sometimes the "posters" of the DVDs will display in the gallery of
available DVDs, other times they will not appear. (This problem is not
exclussive to the remote FE as it happens on the FE/BE machine as

Question: Is there a command to refresh the mysql database? Is there a
way to test the connection to the backend and know if it is solid?
Should I just do a reinstall?


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