[mythtv-users] channel listings help

Spencer Pangborn spencerpangborn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 11:05:23 UTC 2009

After doing hours of research I've finally narrowed my TV tuner card options
to either:

AVerTV Hybrid+FM PCI


FlyDVB-T Duo

I'd prefer to use a Hauppage card because they're well-supported in MythTV
docs, but I live in Taiwan and unfortunately they're not available here.

The only concern I have with going ahead and jumping in with MythTV is the
channel listings.  There doesn't seem to be any support in Taiwan for xmltv
so I'm curious to know how things will work or what UI will look like w/o a
program guide.

Is the lack of an Electronic Program Guide in my region a deal breaker, or
can I go ahead and continue my plans to build a MythTV box?

Thank you,

- spence
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