[mythtv-users] Pictue problems. (Hardware details now included!)

David Morgan david at bassbags.co.uk
Tue Jul 14 00:07:50 UTC 2009

The deinterlacer was set to linear, so I tried all the other options. None of the options changed the picture quality with any noticeable improvement. The "woven" effect I refer to is most noticeable on plain backgrounds and is like a check pattern made from dark lines forming little slanted squares. It also seems most noticeable in 16:9 format. If I squash the picture to 4:3 format it's not so noticeable but everybody is so tall and thin.

As for the audio I have to keep un-checking and re-checking the capture check box in the mixer panel to get the audio to work.


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On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 3:42 PM, David Morgan<david at bassbags.co.uk> wrote:
> Nice one! Cheers Robert.
> I now have a full wide screen picture. It kind of looks like the picture has a "woven" effect though, which it didn't have in MCE. I've also just discovered a lack of audio (not noticed before being too preoccupied with vision).
> David.

Sounds a lot like no deinterlacer at all is being run.  You can go
back to playback profiles and edit the "rule" which matches the
resolution you are displaying, and on the second page of each "rule,"
you have options for primary and secondary deinterlacer.  Start with
something simple like Linear Blend.  (this assumes that the "woven"
effect you are seeing is horizontal lines around edges during

Sound will likely be reflected in some way in the logs, but you can
twiddle the sound settings in Utilities/Setup->Setup->General, Page...
I dunno, four or so.

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