[mythtv-users] Which PVR Card

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jul 6 22:14:30 UTC 2009

On Monday 06 July 2009 16:04:50 drew einhorn wrote:

> Going off on a tangent.
> I don't have any QAM signals for the receivers,
> but thinking about them led me to wondering
> if there is a way I can create an unencrypted
> QAM signal for distribution (over coax)
> to my remote TVs.

QAM Modulators are certainly available, but they are not considered consumer 
devices, and do not sell at consumer prices.

Google QAM Modulator, you will find things like:


If you are willing to risk FleaBay I see prices as low as $500, you're looking 
at twice that and up for new and warranteed units.

I would think there are cheaper ways for you to go. The main advantage of QAM 
is it makes more efficient use of spectrum space than NTSC, and I doubt you 
are going to distribute enough channels to make it worthwhile for you.

But of course only you can answer that question.
Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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