[mythtv-users] Hulu Integration?

Christopher Meredith chmeredith at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 07:13:56 UTC 2009

There's also MythVodka:


I got it working today, very nice! All Hulu content within MythTV.
It's a bit brutish (converting to mpeg2 on the fly) but it works.

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 5:11 PM, steve <sfreilly at roadrunner.com> wrote:
> David Brodbeck wrote:
>> steve wrote:
>>> you know i tried that last night too, and all i got was a flashing
>>> screen like it was going to start but didnt.  close myth, and it opens
>>> no problem.  doesnt myth use opengl or something like that and boxee as
>>> well, only one can use it at once?  stab in the dark here...lol, anyway
>>> i googled and only found one instance of the same problem, and noone
>>> answered the post.  so if anyones got a pointer would be appreciated.
>>> thanks!
>> You could try switching to the QT painter, in Myth.  That would tell you
>> if it's OpenGL causing the problem.  As far as I know the only thing you
>> lose by turning off the OpenGL menu painter is the fade-in/fade-out menu
>> transitions, which are cute but hardly essential.
>> It might also be helpful to redirect the output from Boxee to a file, or
>> run mythfrontend from a terminal, so you can see any error messages.
> well, ran frontend using qt once, and opengl next from a terminal, and
> tried to start boxee both times.  both times it spit out a "X error of
> failed request:  GLXBadDrawable" which anywhere ive read means that
> effects are running.  but i have everything turned off.
> checked xorg conf, and found a "load glx", so I removed that, but still
> get the same error when starting boxee from myth.  i think ill try a
> different nvidia driver you think?
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