[mythtv-users] The death blow to DRM has arrived

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Jan 6 21:31:14 UTC 2009

Joe Borne wrote:
> This is incredibly important because it signals the beginning of the end
> for DRM. Look for all the other online music stores to follow suit. I
> bet they all drop DRM by July. 5C and CCI are next!

The MPAA doesn't seem to have learned from the RIAA's problems, and is
following pretty much the same path, but several years behind.  I'm not
optimistic that 5C and its ilk will go away any time soon.  The trend
seems to be in the other direction right now, when it comes to video.  I
think part of it is that people are more willing to put up with DRM on
something they subscribe to, as opposed to something they purchase outright.

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