[mythtv-users] Happauge HVR-1800 . . . latest opinions?

Kevin Hill khill at vnetwork.com
Wed Feb 25 21:36:15 UTC 2009

stefan_jones at comcast.net wrote:

> Because of this, I'm thinking of replacing the analog card with a
>   Happauge HVR-1800
> (Huh, that pasted text came out as big bold text. Anyway.)
> This card has an analog and a digital tuner.
> Has anyone out there had a chance to really exercise it?
> * General quality?
> * Can it capture both analog and digital simultaneously?
> * Any gotchas when it comes to integration into MythTV?
> Thanks

I just got this card a couple days ago. The digital half works fine. The 
analog half has linux drivers but is not supported by MythTV currently, 
at least not with the internal mpeg encoder, since it doesn't use the 
ivtv chipset. Might work via the raw analog video interface, haven't had 
a chance to try that yet.


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