[mythtv-users] Frontend looses connection to backend server when idle

Mikael Djurfeldt mikael at djurfeldt.com
Thu Feb 19 09:58:05 UTC 2009

My MythTV 0.21 setup on Ubuntu 8.10 works well in most aspects, except
for one thing: When the frontend has been idle for some period of time
(hours) it seems like the connection to the backend server is lost.
When starting to use the frontend after such an idle period and trying
to watch recordings there is a hang for 10-20 seconds after which the
frontend reports about the connection being lost.  If I then try again
to watch recordings, the connection has been re-established and
everything works well until the system has been idle for yet some

Is this a common problem?

Is there some setting I could use to keep the connection alive?

Is there, maybe, some OS setting I could change in order for the
system not to drop the connection?

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