[mythtv-users] Leaving...

Francesco Peeters Francesco at fampeeters.com
Wed Feb 18 09:48:53 UTC 2009

Paul Gardiner wrote:
> Allen Edwards wrote:
>>> Just look at the full email, not just what your client is showing you,
>>> whatever it is. "View source" or something equivalent will help.
>> Can't do it in gmail.  Mine looks the same as yours except there is a
>> nice line beside quoted text on mine and a bunch of ">" on yours.
>> My message was 880 bytes.  If the message was 1000 bytes more because
>> it went twice that is using .01 cents on a Google HD somewhere.  There
>> was a time when I would worry about this stuff.  Now you can watch a
>> HD movie online streaming.  I would bet that in one day the amount of
>> data used by Video downloads exceeds all the BW created by html emails
>> for every email ever created in the history of the earth with the
>> possible exception of spam.
>> It isn't worth worrying about.  It once was, it isn't any more.
>> As much as I have enjoyed this thread, it is now time to move on to
>> something more productive to talk about.
> It's not so much the internet in general. All these message are going
> through the mythtv.org servers. It's their bandwidth and storage that
> you are wasting.
> This service is being provided free of charge by the MythTv people.
> How incredibly arrogant to just dismiss their requests as to how
> you use it!
> Paul.
And it is also the money of those recipients who have to pay by 
bandwidth used...

When I am on my cell-phone roaming outside my own network it matters a 
lot whether I receive 1 or 2 MB of data... It matters about $10, to be 
(And you can say "Then don't read it", but that is not the way email 
clients work... When you set them to IMAP+Offline (which is a sane 
situation for when you have intermittent WiFi connections, etc.),  they 
will also download the messages you do not intend to read right now...)

And I am sure I am not the only one that has per MB charges...


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