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Francesco Peeters Francesco at fampeeters.com
Wed Feb 18 07:29:34 UTC 2009

Allen Edwards wrote:
>> My guess is you don't subscribe to many lists, then.  Most I've been on
>> have an expressed preference for bottom posting.
> Probable a fair observation, only about a half dozen.
>> Are you generally opposed to manners and etiquette?
> An interesting comment.
> What is the deal with plain text anyway?  If you went to someone's
> home and they asked you to eat with your hands would you prefer
> silverware?  I just can't deal with the personal fallout switching to
> plain text. If someone can explain the harm I am doing I can change my
> ways.  I will do it this time just to polite.
> Cheers,
I often read my mail with MUTT when I am roaming and reading from my 
cell phone connection.
Many ppl read these from their cell phones (winmob, Blackberry, etc.) 
and most either don't support HTML or make it in an unintelligible mess.
Switching from HTML to TEXT often screws up quoting and make it almost 
impossible to determine who said what...

Majority of the lists I am on follow/enforce the RFC's, and require 
bottom posting... (Yes, Bottom-posting is enforced in the official RFC's 
for mail!!!)
Some lists even ban people if they persist in top-posting after several 

And why would I switch to something like GMail (which does have it's 
uses for me, but not for mass email use), which adds much more overhead 
(and much more data!!!) to the email proces? Thunderbird works just 
fine, does threading, follows most (if not all) RFC's *and* has a nice 
feature where you can tell it to use text by default for certain domains 
(like mythtv.org).
So sending text-only to mailinglists only requires a one time action...

So yeah, I prefer bottom-posting (or interleaved posting in case emails 
are longer and separate paragraphs require separate answers) and 
text-only mails, esp. on my mailinglists (which are considerably more 
than half a dozen, I might add <G>)...

And you know what? It doesn't cost me much effort (if any) at all to 
trim and bottom post...

Just my € 0.02...

(PS: You should stick to the list rules even *if* only out of 

(Who needs to migrate his sigs to this machine...)

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