[mythtv-users] PCI videocard GeForce 8200/8400 (gpu 98) for vdpau

Matt Roberts matt.roberts at bigfoot.com
Mon Feb 16 03:43:17 UTC 2009

> Pentium 3 700/900 MGhz should be fine with vdpau. I'm testing on a 
> dual-core atom 330 and percent cpu is so low it's silly. Humm, maybe I 
> should try in an EPIA, they are dog slow. 

I've been running 0.21 + VDPAU on a G98 board in my EPIA M10000 front-end for 
a couple of weeks now, and it does fine.  The CPU load while playing 1080i 
with Onefield deinterlacing is ~30%.


I originally tried a G96, but it wouldn't cut it.  It required too much of the 
host CPU.  SD playback put it at ~40%.  720p and 1080i pushed it over the 
edge.  I ended up putting that one in my dekstop PC which has an AMD XP 3000+.  

The G96, which was passively cooled also got way too hot.  Heat is not a 
problem for the G98, which has a fan.


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