[mythtv-users] I've lost 1 gig of ram

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Sun Feb 15 11:09:41 UTC 2009

I've been playing with a similar issue for a while now, but still not
found a solution.

The problem for me is that only 2Gb of memory is seen, even though there
is 4 or 6Gb installed (usually 4, but as a test I added an extra 2gb
stick). So rather than losing half a gig or a gig, I am losing 2 or 4 gig

System is Fedora 9, 64 bit. Mobo is an Asus P5B. Memory is 2 x DDR2-800
2Gb sticks. Memory remap is enabled in the bios. If I go into bios setup
at boot, and go into the system info screen, it correctly shows the amount
of memory on board (i.e. 4 or 6gb).

When I boot up, the top of the Grub screen shows the memory available and
this shows max as 2gb.

I have another system on a different mobo, but otherwise quite similar
basic hardware and the same OS, and that shows the full available memory
in both the grub boot screen and the O/S (i.e. 3 gig or so).

I updated the bios version when I installed the system, but it is no
longer the most recent version. If I get no other solutions, I will try
updating that and see if that helps.

The system is struggling a bit with only 2 gig available, as this is MBE,
plus desktop and other stuff as well, so the extra memory would make a big
difference. I'm swapping sometimes on this box, which gives some
sluggishness, which isn't good :-(

Any idea what is wrong?
Mike Holden

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