[mythtv-users] Refresh line being seen

Paulin paulin at spextreme.com
Sat Feb 14 15:26:39 UTC 2009

I'm having an old problem reappear after upgrading the NVidia driver and
then downgrading.  Can't seem to figure it out.

1. Upgraded to 180.22 NVidia driver.
2. Eventually downgraded back to 180.16 driver.
3. Put the .nvidia-settingrc file back from before the upgrade

Now whenever watching a recorded program there is a thin line scrolling down
the screen every minute or so.

Can anyone tell me what I should be looking at to correct this.  I thought
it was caused by the Nvidia settings but since they are back to what they
were before I updated/downgraded the driver I'm not sure why it's happening.

Any help would be appreciated.

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