[mythtv-users] Strange recording priority

Panachoi panachoi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 12:20:03 UTC 2009

I recently added an analog card to my all digital system, and I'm getting
strange results. I have a total of 5 capture cards

My MBE has 1x DVB-S(2) and 1 DVB-C
The SBE has 2x DVB-S and 1x USB-PVR2 (analog)

Cards are defined as follows:
1. DVB-S(2)
2) DVB-S
3) DVB-S
4) DVB-C
5) Analog

There's just a few channels available on DVB-C (or analog) that are not
available on DVB-S, and I'm not interested in them anyway.

Previously, I would pick a program (usually from the DVB-S source) and tell
it to "record this specific showing". However, now if I do that, Myth will
actually pick a "worse" input (after all, there are 3 DVB-S cards all of
which have the same sources), either the DVB-C or Analog, even when there
are no conflicts. Indeed, in the web interface, the program will show up in
the upcoming recordings *TWICE*, on 2 different video sources. I noticed
this because I managed to get 2 recordings of the same program on what
appear to have been 2 different inputs, but cannot possibly be, because of
the size of the 2 files is too big to have been recorded from anything other
than the DVB-S input(s).

If I select "Find and record 1 showing" myth will normally DORT, recording
from the DVB-S(2) cards.

This all seemed to start occurring after I added the Analog card/input, so
I'm wondering where I might have gone wrong.
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