[mythtv-users] Wrong channel tuned on HDHR

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Feb 12 04:13:30 UTC 2009

On 02/11/2009 10:51 PM, jr wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 9:09 PM, Harry Devine wrote:
>> OK, so I have a pcHDTV5500 card and an HDHomerun.  My local ABC HD affiliate
>> is channel 231.  The digital side of the pcHDTV5500 card tunes it fine but
>> when I try to tune it in Myth from the HDHR, I get another channel.  Here's
>> what the channel info in Mythweb shows (sourceid 2 is my pcHDTV5500; 5 is my
>> HDHR):
>> SourceID   xmltvid   channum   callsign       name           freqid
>>  finetune
>> 2                  19612   231         WPVIDT   WPVIDT   113       0
>> 5                  19612   231         WPVIDT   WPVIDT   113       2
>> I tried changing the "finetune" value for sourceid 5 to 0 but it didn't make
>> any difference.  On my Windows box, I go into the HDHR setup and that
>> channel shows up as 113-1, and I can tune it properly.  Obviously I have
>> something mismatched, so I thought I'd post this and see if anyone has any
>> thoughts.
> I am futzing around with my channel table against a snafu with HDHR
> myself..  Are you restarting the backend when you make changes?
> Changes don't show unless you do.

And, remember that because of the "optional" analog shut off (occuring 
now--not /just/ on the 17th) and the associated channel number/frequency 
shuffle, things might /really/ just be changing.

When in doubt, rescan your video sources, again...  (And/or check your 
local stations' websites to see when they're shutting off analog and/or 
what changes will occur with their digital channels and, if they're 
really good, when.)


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